Five weeks to go – gulp

So only five weeks left.  I still have quite a lot to do but it will get done.

Since my last post I have completed quite a few challenges some of the highlights (wel for other people anyway) include:

Having a bath of baked beans


Cycling in the New Forest


Try more sports


And eat mushrooms


Just over two months to go

Just over two months to go and I am slightly panicking about all that I have left to do.  However since the last post I have managed to do quite a lot, some of which has been more than slightly scary.

On the sports front, I have done an ariel assualt course (still makes me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it) and kayaking

DSC08179  DSC08369

I have climbed Pen-y-fan,


done an indoor skydive,

DSC04650 compressed

cooked more new meals and for more people.

I have visited more places beginning with H, worn more pink clothing, been to many different places for Mass and finished watching 40 films I have not seen before.

Dress week

Day 3 of dress week, the final installment.

So for the final day of a torturous week my outfit consisted of a pair of black shoes with heels aboout five times the size of what I normally wear.  They were so high I had nosebleeds due to the higher altitude up there.  My feet were killing me by the end of the day, how do we people wear heels like that and higher day in, day out.  Some form of evolution that has passed me by?

The dress is a charcoaly colour with a repeating pattern of circles in a range of colours that looks like a kid dipped a few paintbrushes in different colour paints and flicked them at the material.  The dress upper part is kind of like one side wrapped over another and has a decolletage (guess who learnt a new word).  There is then some stringy bit that kind of attaches under the bust line and does up at the back.  I have yet to learn the purpose of this other than if you are not careful when you put the dress on you end up strangling yourself with it.  The dress then hangs down to just above knee level and kind of has some random folds at the hem, not quite shower curtain folds more net curtains.

The final piece of the day’s outfit consisted of a cardigan.  A source of surprise to most people was that the cardigan was the same colour as some of the paint splodges and therefore the outfit was colour co-ordinated.  What were they thinking I would do?  More to the point do they really think that the lady who helped find a dress that suited would sell me a cardigan that didn’t match?  The woman even managed not to laugh at me when I went shopping and she asked me what I thought of one of the dresses in the shop and my response was, well it is a dress!


Day 2 of dress week

Todays ensemble consisted of a blazer, dress and the shoes.  The blazer is the now famous white blazer that has been seen on tv (a webinar is the same as tv right).  It has shoulder pads, eighties style, and a bit like an american footballers shoulder protection.  The jacket has no collar and comes almost all the way around the neck leaving about an inch at the throat (the reverse of a clerical collar maybe).  The lapels are flat and go down alomst vertically to the waist of the jacket.

The dress is black blue and white stripes, mainly horizontal.  There are some diagonal ones which I think are there to ensure that the dress doesn’t look like a zebra that has had an incident with blue paint.  The dress is fairly straight which helps to hide some of the lumps and bumps.  It has a high neck line that is round and kind of in line with the lack of collar line of the jacket.



Day 1 of dress week and the outfit worn looks like this:


The dress is blue with shoes that match and a pale pink cardigan (apparently it is surprising that I can choose a colour co-ordinated outfit).  The dress is like it is made of a wide strip of material wrapped around with arm holes cut in.  Subsequently there is a lot of extra material gathered from under the left bust, enough to make an outfit for a super model.  Technically I can appreciate the design, one size piece of material and just pulled tighter before stitching for smaller sizes, but what a waste of material, especially as there is a second ‘dress’ inside, which in the case of my size dress, you could clothe a cluster of super models.

Half way through

Six months have passed so it is time to take stock of the challenges.

Ten challenges completed and fourteen underway.

Time for a bit more planning and doing, me thinks.

Thank you to everyone for your support in my endeavours.  So far £1,320 has been donated to Chestnut Tree House and £970 to Sussex Snowdrop Trust.

Week 21

Quite a bit done in the last couple of weeks.  Please see individual challenge pages for updates but the highlights are finishing challenge 2 with my highest ever stoolball score of 17 runs and my fashion report on Katherine Jenkins’ dresses as part of challenge 20.  I also had my photo taken with John Owen-Jones, my new favourite tenor.


Four months in

So, what have I achieved in the first four months?

I have completed six challenges with highlights being seeing Katherine Jenkins singing and having my photo with Jason Donovan.

I am underway with 15 others.

Thanks to people’s kind generosity I have raised £1,145 for Chestnut Tree House and £740 for Sussex Snowdrop Trust.  Please keep donating for these good causes.

Thank you to everyone who is helping me along the way, I really appreciate your time, support and kindness.


Jason Donovan

Challenge number 33 is to have my photo taken with as many celebs as possible.  I was very keen to try and have a photo taken with Jason Donovan.  Not only was he an icon from my youth, he was also a favourite of Rachel’s.  He was her favourite in the series of Strictly that Rachel was able to go and see a dress rehearsal and made a point of speaking to her, once he knew that she liked him, getting down to her eye level and calling her princess and was just a genuinely nice guy.

Then in the period that Rachel was in Chestnut Tree House, just before she died, my Mum emailed his agent on the off chance that he might come and see her.  A reply came back apologising that he couldn’t as he was in rehearsals but would it be okay if he phoned her instead.  And so he phoned her, she immediately recognised his voice and lit up and he spent about ten to fifteen mintues talking to Rachel.  He was interested in her, making sure that she was being well looked after, asking about what music she liked and talking about Strictly.  A true gentleman.

So today, when we went to see The King’s Speech at Chichester Festival Theatre, we went and hung out by the stage door and I got the photo, with a true legend!

DSC04646 compressed

Week 10

A few weeks since my last post and I have got a bit further with my challenges.  I have started swiming (I am not enjoying it yet but I am slowly getting better) and I have started singing lessons, I am not very good but I am enjoying them and have an awesome teacher.

I have cooked some more dishes, see challenge 11 for details and cooked for more friends for challenge 13.

I have completed challenge number 3 and watched more films for challenge 39.  I have tried some more sports for challenge number 1 and been to mass in another church for challenge number 21

Week 5

Another busy week on the challenges front.  I have started being a guinea pig for Bethany for challenge 15, and I have been to mass in some more churches (challenge 21).

I saw Suggs in a car (I didn’t fancy throwing myself in front of it for a photo) and Jenny Agutter in a theatre, but not close enough to have a photo.  Philip Schofiled was on a 24 hour tvathon on live tv so he couldn’t oblige.  I missed the opportunity of having my photo with Stereo Kicks (apparently some band of X factor but I was clueless as to who they where) and I wimped out of asking Kenny Logan when we were in a lift with him in Covent Garden Station.  Might need to work on having the nerve to ask people to pose for a photo!

I had a great time in London with John doing the Monopoly challenge (number 23), trying a nother sport for challenge 1 and seeing Katherine Jenkins in concert as the challenge of doing something that Rebecca or Rachel would have wanted to do (number 20).  Apparently my description of the dresses Katherine wore has led people to think I have missed my vocation as a fashion journalist!

I have watched some more films, see challenge 39 for my reviews, and have been cooking again, challenges 11 and 13.

Please have a read and if you feel like it please feel free to donate

Weeks three and four

A really busy two weeks

More food cooked, see challenge No 11 for details

Mass in a number of different places for challenge No 21

Started eating different varieties of cookies, challenge No 16

Watched some more films for challenge No 39

And for challenge No 1 I managed 19 different sports including Zumba, Bollywood and Charleston classes.  I am clearly not designed to do dance classes, but I have done it.  What did surprise me was that I really enjoyed aquarobics and will look at finding a class to do it again!