The 40 challenges

No 1 40 sports / fitness activities
No 2 40 runs in stoolball in a season
No 3 Beat Holly at Badminton
No 4 40 days of press-ups (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2 etc.)
No 5 Cycle and/or walk the circumference of the South Downs or New Forest
No 6 Learn to swim properly and then do a 1km swim / earn a swimming badge
No 7 Lose weight
No 8 5k or 10k run
No 9 Climb Pen-y-fan (some mountain in Wales apparently!)
No 10 Indoor skydive
No 11 40 dishes
No 12 Give up fizzy drinks
No 13 40 dinners with different friends
No 14 Eat mushrooms
No 15 Being Bethany’s guinea pig
No 16 Eat 40 different cookie flavours
No 17 Give up alcohol for a year
No 18 Give a talk to a large group of people about something you are passionate about
No 19 40 days of happy
No 20 Do something that Rebecca or Rachel would have wanted to do
No 21 40 places to go to Mass
No 22 40 places beginning with H
No 23 Have a photo taken at all the stops on the monopoly board
No 24 40 postcards from 40 places back to Fiona
No 25 Visit Walsingham
No 26 Go 24 hours without technology
No 27 Do a 5 minute stand up routine at an open mic night somewhere
No 28 Appear on TV/film
No 29 Have a makeover inc hair!
No 30 40 poems
No 31 Learn to play bridge
No 32 Wear 40 items of pink clothing
No 33 Have a photo taken with a celeb
No 34 Take a bath of beans
No 35 Sing in public
No 36 Wear only dresses  for a whole week at work
No 37 Learn phrases from 40 languages
No 38 Pogo stick
No 39 Watch 40 films I have not seen
No 40 Plan, organise and arrange an amazing 40th birthday party
One comment on “The 40 challenges
  1. Michaela R says:

    I think I can help you with some of those! Xx

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