No 11 – 40 dishes

I like cooking and I love recipe books, I think I have over a hundred.  The chance to have the motivation to try recipes I have never cooked before is really appealing, not to mention being able to justify spending ages looking at cookery books and picking out recipes.  Yum!  I may also throw in a few made up recipes just because I can.

1 – Chicken braised with olives and lemon, roasted leeks with a shallot dressing, balsamic glazed roasted beetroot and polenta


2 – Braised five spice chicken with bamboo shoots and red cooked butternut squash, followed by Mango, lychee and passion fruit salad with star anise sugar

WP_20141114_001 compressed


3 – Teriyaki chicken

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4 – Japanese chicken meatballs, with hoisin dipping sauce (home made) and roasted leeks with a romesco sauce

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5 – Dill cured roast salmon, nutmeg roasted celeriac, roast beetroot and stir fried mange tout and baby corn

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6 – Smoky spanish pot roast chicken, roast potato and chorizo, and roast pumpkin


7 – Chicken and chorizo skewers, saffron & garlic dipping sauce, and stir fried veg

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8 – Cod stuffed with chorizo, lemon and garlic

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9 – Lamb kofte kebabs with sumac and onion relish

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10 – Transylvanian meatballs, fattoush and onion and sumac relish

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11 – Chicken with citrus rub and braised lentils

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12 – Pasta Puttanesca


13 – Pork Souvlaki with light Sala Verde


14 – Pot Roast Pork with cider and apples, Root veg boulangere and Red Cabbage


15 – Lemon chicken, rice and steamed veg followed by sticky toffee pudding



16 – Beef and coconut curry with roasted spiced cauliflower


17 – Thai style mussels


18 – Fried squid rings with garlic and pimenton


19 – Fish Curry with coconut brown rice


20 – Moroccan minced lamb with cous cous


21 – Coriander chicken with carrot crush


22 – Broiled Haddock fillets with Succotash


23 – Provencal Fish pasta with fennel seeds, anchovies, tomatoes and olive oil


24 – Cauliflower pizza

DSC_0037 compressed

25 – Slow cooked BBQ pork with BBQ beans

DSC_0111 compressed

26 – Orange, ginger & coriander soused salmon

DSC_0114 compressed

27 – Steamed sea bream, with lemon, white wine and ginger dressing, garlic and mint mash, asparagus and cauliflower

DSC_0150 compressed

28 – Salmon skewers with wasabi root mash

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29 – Rosemary & lemon marinated monkfish wrapped in proscuito on roasted garlic mash, charred sweetcorn and new potatoes

DSC_0227 compressed

30 – Smoked cod and cannellini beans


31 – Sticky toffee pork


32 -Steak and Chimichurri


33 – Penne rigate alla vodka


34 – Chicken with freekeh and quinoa with pea and basil crush


35 -Smoky roast chicken


36 – Peperonata, garlic mayonnaise, mackerel and beans


37 – Lemon, thyme and pepper crusted chicken with wholegrain rice


38 – Turkey meatballs with spaghetti, oregano and fennel

DSC_0234 a

39 – Pasta with chicken and bacon in a tomato sauce with beans and mange tout

40 – Sausage, fennel and red pepper tray bake

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  1. fiona says:

    Feel free to try at least on on us. X

  2. Carolyn says:

    Make sure some of these are cake! We’ll happily sample!

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