No 17 – Give up alcohol for a year

I think the idea behind this challenge is that very few people have ever seen me drunk and are hoping that not drinking for a year will end up in me getting rather inebriated on my 40th.  I will drink on my 39th and will not drink alcohol again until my 40th, although there have been suggestions that the day of our friends’ wedding should be a day off (still to be decided).  Any thoughts on this gratefully received.

I have managed to refrain from alcohol even when surrounded by people drinking cocktails, four months down, eight to go!

4 comments on “No 17 – Give up alcohol for a year
  1. Sandra Vargeson says:

    Wow, this could be tough!
    Peter says he will not be joining you in this one but happy to do the mountain climb with you!

  2. Ray says:

    i hope that you are going to stock pile Rioja during this dry spell x

  3. Teresa Turner says:

    It might rude not to have A drink at your friend’s wedding; but then how much worse if the ONE drink made you ‘unwell’ or such!

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