No 19 – 40 days of happy

I will be identifying things every day for 40 days that make me happy.  Please feel free to contribute to making me happy!

A number of people have requested that I continue with my days of happy so here goes!

Day 76 – It is the weekend (or at least mine anyway)

Day 75 – A close but brilliant game of stoolball with brilliant batting by the whole team which meant that for the first time ever I got the winning run. Fantastic support from the team, thank you ladies.

Day 74 – Driving home from work with the sun shining, windows open and good music on the stereo (Adele if anyone is interested in assessing the quality of my music tastes)

Day 73 – Great game of stoolball tonight

Day 72 – Lovely morning with the married couple and other friends before the journey back down south

Day 71 – Wonderful wedding of two amazing people Bernadeta and Dave

Day 70 – Great evening with the Lourdes Ladies.

Day 69 – Great to catch up with a friend who I haven’t seen for months

Day 68 – First stoolball game of the season, a friendly. Really enjoyed it despite the best efforts of Jan

Day 67 – Fab evening with family Rees at the Tapas bar. Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm

Day 66 – Great afternoon and evening with Michaela, Mark and their children including a signed QPR ball. Awesome

Day 65 – Great day with the family

Day 64 – Beautiful Easter vigil

Day 63 – Made hot cross buns

Day 62 – Been offered a part time secondment to the Department of Health, which it looks like I will be able to accept.

Day 61 – Pleasantly surprised by the random kindness of people

Day 60 – Half way through reading the poems

Day 59 – Really enjoyed stoolball training tonight despite the rain and being relatively pants. Thank you Eireanne and Tina.

Day 58 – Just spent a few hours printing and framing pictures of my beautiful girls. Just got to decide where to put them now!

Day 57 – Nice meal with friends and due to their lenten observance of giving up sugar, I made a sugar free lemon meringue pie, which tasted better than I thought it would!

Day 56 – Fab reflexology session

Day 55 – Really good time talking to the Selsey Trefoil Guild about the challenges.

Day 54 – I did it! Although I haven’t seen it back yet, I do not think I made a complete tit of myself.

Day 53 – Lots of banter and support from my colleagues about my webinar tomorrow.

Day 52 – A really good singing lesson and an unexpected compliment from a work colleague

Day 51 – Meeting up with some friends in Steyning

Day 50 – Lovely day with the Doyles, all eight of them!

Day 49 – Had a great time catching up with friends today

Day 48 – Two things for today’s day of happy. Number 1, the great group of people at badminton this afternoon, they are a very supportive and affirmative group.  Number 2 a good singing lesson today culminating in doing a bit of singing in Italian!

Day 47 – Just had reflexology for the first time in about six weeks. Bliss

Day 46 – Got to wear sunglasses for the entire drive home. Loving the sun.

Day 45 – Good meeting in London today.

Day 44 – A really great game of stoolball today and I scored enough runs to make a total of 40 runs and meet my challenge. Thank you for your support Aldingbourne Stoolball Club members

Day 43 – Unbelievable concert by Katherine Jenkins

Day 42 – Had a great afternoon with a friend. A bit of lunch followed by a successful shopping trip.

Day 41 – Great meal out with my colleagues. And today the start of poetry reading and this one by one of my nephews to start

Day 40 – I have been really touched by the support of you all during my days of happy, even you Giles! Thank you to Michelle for suggesting this challenge.

Day 39 – the penultimate day of my 40 days of happy and my happiness today was a really good time at badminton

Day 38 – Another lovely evening with Jenny, James and John

Day 37 – Lovely walk around the grounds of Aylesford Priory this morning before Mass with Amy and John

Day 36 – Eating fabulous chips on the beach in Herne Bay with Amy and John

Day 35 – In Kent staying with Amy

Day 34 – Had to write a short biog for work, and as I am not very good I asked a colleague who I have worked with in a few NHS organisations (I reckon most people who have worked with me in the NHS will guess straight away who did this). This is what they wrote

Helen joined the NHS in 1955 as a wet nurse and has subsequently held roles in both the commissioner and provider sector, culminating in her current position as head of income management for UHS. This involves leading a crackpot team of XX whose role is to ensure that the Trusts properly charges for the NHS clinical income of the Trust, over £500m, to commissioners both local and overseas. She has developed a reputation(quite unjustified really) as an expert in the national tariff payment system and is relied on by national organisations, both provider groups and national central teams to offer advice and guidance in return for odd food that no one else will eat. She is possibly the only person for 100 miles that actually has read and digested every page of the national tariff consultation.

My only quibble is that I think it is a 1,000 miles! It made me laugh!

Day 33 – Beautiful sunrise this morning and because I was working from home I got to see it

Day 32 – Went to Badminton tonight and was talking to one of the blokes their about Jason Donovan while putting my court shoes on and he says that he has a Jason song on his playlist and starts singing I am the one and only. I nearly fell of my chair I laughed so hard!

Day 31 – Another great evening with Jenny, James and John and orange creme caramels (made with obscene amounts of eggs but no cream and yet a very creamy consistency – weird but great)

Day 30 – Nice walk home from church in the sun

Day 29 – Very chilled out day today, just what was needed.

Day 28 – Swam 500 metres today, furthest ever and half way to my total. Followed it up with cheese on toast courtesy of the wonderful Mrs Doyle who found coconut freak cheese.

Day 27 – Had a great time at badminton today.

Day 26 – Hooked up with the Doyles.  Happy days.

Day 25 – Met my Mum for coffee (well hot chocolate for me).

Day 24 – Back home to John.

Day 23 – Went to an amazing church this evening with Bernadeta. It wasn’t a pretty church but there was such a sense of community and a priest who was very much in touch with his congregation.

Day 22 – Fantastic meal with even better company as part of a great hen weekend, also known as a moosette weekend!

Day 21 – Took a detour to avoid traffic and came across a Snowdrop wood (think Bluebell wood but with Snowdrops). I have never seen one before and it was stunning. Worth being held up!

Day 20 – John is back home

Day 19 – Taken the opportunity whilst John is away to eat calamari.

Day 18 – A beautiful sunny day with a bit of pink sunset while driving home.

Day 17 – I now understand the difference between holding my breath and suspending my breath and can just about do both.

Day 16 – Finally had a chance to put my ring tone on my new phone, I now have a chance of knowing when it is ringing. Simple things!

Day 15 – Great chilled out day with John and two exciting games of Rugby watched, both with the right result!

Day 14 – Lunch with John at El Castizo. Fab food

Day 13 – I managed to avoid the lure of wine tonight!

Day 12 – I have a great hubby who has looked after me this week during a very busy and stressful work week

Day 11 – QPR won their first away game of the season and are out of the bottom three. The start of the revival?

Day 10 – I made sticky toffee pudding

Day 9 – My Godmother came today

Day 8 – Got to go to The King’s Speech at Chichester Festival Theatre, which was awesome. And got my photo with Jason Donovan. Awesome.

Day 7 – A great night out at Katherine with her family, Kevin, Carolline and John

Day 6 – The weekend starts here!

Day 5 – New phones = new toys to play with. Still trying to work out how to use them but that is part of the fun!

Day 4 – Great badminton session tonight, I really enjoyed it and played better than I have done for a while.

Day 3 – Awesome singing lesson today and even I was happy with one of the pieces. It helps that I have an amazing teacher Jenny. Followed up with dinner and conversation with Jenny, James and John.

Day 2 – Stoolball (first game in months) and although we lost I really enjoyed it. Followed up by an amazing lunch with James Pound and Diana Maria Sanchez and their lovely daughter who seemed to struggle to remember my name today calling me him, her, that, John and not John. Brilliant!

Day 1 – Leftover chocolate risotto for breakfast in bed.

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