No 2 – 40 runs in stoolball in a season

Stoolball is an ancient Sussex sport that I have recently started playing.  I have been challenged to score 40 runs in a season, which is more than I have previously scored.

I played my first game of the indoor season on the 2nd November and scored 11 runs, an okay start to my challenge.

I played the 2nd game of the indoor season on the 1st February and scored 12 runs, an improvement to the previous game.

WP_20150201_028 WP_20150201_012 WP_20150201_010

Third game I played was on the 15th March and I scored my highest ever score of 17 runs which meant that I reached my 40 runs, challenge knocked on the head in the indoor season.  Result!

Thank you to all the members of Aldingbourne Stoolball Club for your support.

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