No 20 – Do something that Rebecca or Rachel would have wanted to do

One of the challenges I received was to do something that Rebecca or Rachel would have wanted to do.  The thing I have chosen is to go to a Katherine Jenkins concert.

Rachel loved listening to Katherine Jenkins and watching the DVD of one of her concerts.  This was particularly the case in the three months from when we took Rachel home to die and when she actually finally decided to go.  There were so many nights of lying in bed with Rachel listening to one CD after another.  Rachel had a favourite track which was Katherine’s version of Guide me O thou great Redeemer, Rachel’s favourite hymn and one that we had sung at her baptism.  On the day Rachel chose to die, she waited until that hymn came on the ipod and died to it.

It strikes me that Rachel would have loved to have seen Katherine sing live but sadly she was too unwell to do so and it feels very fitting to pick going to one of Katherine Jenkins’ concerts for this challenge.

14th March 2015

We decided to follow up the Christmas concert with a trip to Cardiff for the final gig in the Home Sweet Home tour on the basis that after London both  the girls would have wanted to go and see Katherine Jenkins sing again.  Going to Cardiff was a good call, I think Katherine really enjoyed signing to the home crowd.  The concert was out of this world.  Barcelona, which she sang with John Owen-Jones (see challenge 35 for a photo of him), made the hairs ont eh abck of my neck stand on end.  Angel was incredibly emotional as was Hallelujah (one that Rachel loved).  I think either I Giorni or We are the Champions was my favourite but everything was so brilliant it is hard to pick.

Following the rave reviews of my report on Katherine’s dresses in the Christmas concert I thought I would share my report on the dresses for this concert.

Dress 1 – Katherine’s first dress had a sparkly top section and was sleeveless. I can’t quite work out how it stayed up! The skirt was white and looked like it was made with lots of hankies. It was long with a bit of a train thing. Very impractical as I can’t imagine how you would wash it.


Dress 2 – Her second dress had a white top part with a skirt that looks like it is a Welsh flag but had loads of those foldy bits (like you get with a shower curtain). It was also floor length and quite full like she had put all her other skirts on underneath.


Dress 3 – A blue dress with a sparkly gem type top part. Again strapless, seriously has she not heard of a Judy Finnegan! The bottom half was long and straight but had a bit of a flarey look to it.


Dress 4 – My favourite dress of the four. It was a kind of light grey or silver colour and it had straps (maybe she does know what a Judy Finnegan is). The top had a little bit of sparkle but not so much that it looked as if the dress was inspired by the strictly trophy, which appeared to be the case for dresses one and three. However it did look like it had been shaped like a bra.
The dress must have been made too big for her as she had a wide ribbon tied under her bust and then the skirt part was very full. I think she had got cold wearing dress three as she had all her skirts on underneath again. So much so that the dress kind of dragged behind when she walked. She also had on very dangerous shoes. They were also glitter ball sequence with thin heels about four inches tall. How anyone can walk in those defies science, let alone while wearing every skirt owned and singing like they are God’s soloist from his choir of Angels is utterly beyond my comprehension


1st December 2014

We went to the concert and it was absolutely amazing.  It was the first time I have seen Katherine sing live and although I have listened to her cds once or twice (okay a lot) I don’t think I had appreciated how powerful her voice is.  Also, very surprising for me, I liked the dresses that Katherine wore although my description of them will not be setting the world of fashion alight!  It was a very fitting thing to do for this challenge and I know that my girls would approve!


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  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I can’t believe I completely missed the fact that you were doing these challenges. What an amazing thing to do. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your progress. This one particularly touched my heart. I’ll keep checking back to see how you’re getting along (especially eating mushrooms!). I’ll be thinking of you when I run now. Sending lots of love and luck xx

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