No 21 – 40 places to go to Mass

I have been challenged to go to Mass in 40 different places.  With everything else going on, this is going to be logistically difficult but a good chance to explore churches that I have not been to before.  On my 39th birthday I am going to start my challenges by going to Mass in Brighton at the Church where our friend Canon Kieron O’Brien is the parish priest.  Canon Kieron has walked our journey with us having baptised both the girls, supported us through their diagnosis, illness and deaths  and celebrated both girls funerals.

He was with us when Rebecca died and having visited Rachel just before she died, turned around when he got home to come straight back to us when she had died.  He is an amazing priest and an even better friend.  It is a privilege to be able to start my challenges by going to a Mass said by him.

The places that I have been to Mass are:

1 – St Joseph’s Brighton


2 – St Richard’s Church, Slindon


3 – St Richard’s, Chichester


4 – St Bernadette’s, Crawley

St Bernadettes Crawley

5 – St George’s, Warminster

St Georges Warminster

6 – The Blessed Sacrament, Exeter

Blessed Sacrament Exeter

7 – St George’s Cathedral, Southwatk

St George's Cathedral, Southwark

8 – St Etheldreda’s, Holborn

DSC04642 compressed

9 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Wilfrid, Selsey

Selsey church

10 – St Peter’s, Wittering


11 – St Mary, South Wigston

St Mary

12 – Relic chapel, Aylesford Priory


13 – Our Lady Queen of the Apostles, Bishops Waltham


14 – Christ the King Steyning

CtK Steyning

15 – Westminster Cathedral


16 – Blessed Sacrament  Church, Braunstone

BS Leicester

17 – Our Lady of Sorrows, Bognor Regis

Our Lady of Sorrows

18 – St Mary of the Angels, Worthing

Mary of the Angels

19 – Ss Thomas’, Emsworth


20 – Arundel Cathedral

Arundel Cathedral

21 – St Peter’s Shoreham

St Peter's Shoreham

22 – The Divine Motherhood and St Francis of Assisi, Midhurst


23 – City Hall, Salisbury

DSC_0124 compressed

24 – St Richard’s School field

25 – Amex Bowl


26 – Clifton Cathedral

Clifton Cathedral

27 – St Gregory’s, Sileby

ST Gregory's Sileby

28 – Ss Anthony and George, Burton Park, Duncton


29- Basilique Notre Dame du Rosaire, Lourdes


30 – Church of St Bernadette, Côté Grotte, Lourdes


31 – St Pius X Basilica, Lourdes


32 -Cité Saint-Pierre, Lourdes


33 – Chapelle du Sts Damian et Cosmos, Lourdes


34 – Grotto, Lourdes


35 – St Bernadette’s Altar, Esplanade, Lourdes


36 – St Joseph’s Cathedral, Swansea


37 – St Wilfrid’s school, Crawley

38 – Downside Abbey


39 – Our Lady of the Assumption, Bosham


40 – St Osmund’s, Salisbury


St Osmunds

8 comments on “No 21 – 40 places to go to Mass
  1. Ray says:

    What a great way to start,see you at St B’s soon x

  2. Sheila Lyons says:

    I will do my level best to come to Brighton on 31st.

  3. Teresa says:

    I shall join you at your kick-off Birthday Mass this Friday. It is a marvellous thing you are doing, and Ron & I both wish you every success with all your challenges!

  4. Ray says:

    How did the presentation go ?

  5. Ray says:

    Well you have been busy,I still have not come across any local post cards,

  6. Teresa Turner says:

    It is high time you and John were here for a visit anyhow, so consider combining Mass at St.Mary of The Angels and lunch here at ours one Sunday (before Fr. Chris leaves, in Sept!)

    Teresa and Ron.

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