No 23 – Have a photo taken at all the stops on the monopoly board

I will be having a photo taken at each of the properties on the monopoly board.  Obviously this does not include Community Chest, Chance, the water company or the electric company.  I will be trying to get a photo taken outside a jail (if that is allowable).  I have planned a route so we can try and get it done in a day, lets hope for good weather!  Note to self, must remember to buy two Oyster cards.

John and I managed to do all bar one photo in a day, it got too dark to take any more photos.  We had a fun but tiring time, walking about twenty miles on the first day.  We got to see many parts of London that we wouldn’t normally go to, including some less sulibrious parts, we were glad we didn’t do Old Kent Road in the dark!

Monopoly board compressed

Old Kent Road

DSC04641 compressed

Whitechapel Road

DSC04600 compresssed

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