No 26 – Go 24 hours without technology

Like most people, technology is a key part of my daily life.  Going without technology for 24 hours will be interesting.  The obvious is no phone, tv or computer.  But it has been made clear that the challenge includes car, cooker, lights etc.  I will be cooking on charcoal or wood or eating uncooked food and nothing from a fridge or freezer, walking everywhere and goodness knows what else!  Mmmmm the temptation is to have a duvet day but that would be cheating.

I have had my 24 hours and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.  I went to bed with no alarm set, got up once it got light enough to see and had breakfast with coconut milk made from powder.  I had a dilemma about whether or not I could use the pedestrian crossing as it involved electricity.  After standing there for about ten minutes I decided I was being ridiculous and that the idea was not to kill myself dodging cars!

I enjoyed cooking on a bucket BBQ in which I made a wood fire, boiled water for a cup of coffee for someone, cooked pasta and beans and then fried chicken, bacon and onions and tomatoes.

No tech

I also cooked bananas stuffed with chocolate for the others

No tech 2

We ate by candlelight.  And I went to bed when it got dark.  I really enjoyed the day and the only thing I missed was being able to listen to music when I was doing things.

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