No 35 – Sing in public

This challenge terrifies me.  I cannot sing, to the extent that I was the only girl in my primary school who was not good enough to join the school choir.  The thought of singing in public brings me out in a cold sweat and makes me feel physically sick.

Fortunately I have some friends who can sing and are going to try and help ensure that those who end up having to listen to me sing are not too scarred for life.

I wouldn’t say I rocked it (that would be inappropriate for singing a psalm at church) but I did it and it was okay.  Have a listen for yourself and see what you think (I am about 2:20)

6 comments on “No 35 – Sing in public
  1. Ray says:

    Really well done,sounded really good ,i’m really impressed.x

  2. Ray says:

    Really well done Helen,sounded good to me,I’m impressed

  3. Tina M says:

    I was there… You did a fab job, don’t think I could have done it… Loved the smiles too xxx

  4. Emma says:

    Amazing Helen! Well done. I wish I could have been there x

  5. Jen Rees says:

    It was so well done, I thought you must have been miming!
    Love Jennx

  6. Triona says:

    Fab! Well done, that woman! xxx

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