No 39 – Watch 40 films I have not seen

There are lots of films that I want to see and haven’t got around to, like The King’s Speech and Flashdance (shocking I know).

If you have any classic films that you feel are must sees, please let me know.  You may need to know that I do not do horror, fantasy or science fiction.

The films I have watched are:

1 – The King’s Speech – This was a brilliant film and I really enjoyed it.

2 – The Muppets Most Wanted – This was not such a good film, in fact somewhat disappointing. 🙁

3 – Nativity 3: Dude where’s my donkey – This was better than I expected, a suitably cheesy Christmas movie

4 – Batman begins – James Davies you were right it is an excellent film, which I really enjoyed

5 – Paddington – This was a good film and Nicole Kidman makes a good baddie

6 – The Dark Knight – Not as good as Batman begins but still a good watch

7 – Monuments men – An interesting film, I wonder how much of it is true

8 – Salmon fishing in the Yemen – I was dubious about this film but actually enjoyed it

9 – Night at the museum 3 – This was an easy to watch enjoyable film, not as good as the first but not many sequels are

10 – How to train your dragon 2 – This is that rare beast of  a sequel that is significantly better than the orginial

11 – Into the Woods – This was okay.  I don’t rate Meryl Streep as a singer but she is a very good actress.  The children playing Litle Red Riding Hood and Jack were great and Anna Kendrick has a good voice.  Glad I saw it, probably won’t see it again

12 – The Good Shepherd – I enjoyed this film but it did require a reasonable amount of attention

13 – RED – This was a funny mick take of action movies.  Worth a watch.

14 – RED 2 – Not quite as good as the first but Helen Mirren mocking herself from when she was in the Queen is always going to be entertaining.

15 – Blindside – I didn’t think that Sandra Bullock was the kind of actress to win an oscar so was slightly intrigued to see why she had one it.  It was a brilliant film and she was brilliant.

16 – The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – A gentle funny watch, I think not quite as good as the first but very enjoyable.

17 – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – 90 minutes of my life I am never going to get back!

18 – The Dark Knight Rises – I was told that this was not as good as the other two but I think I enjoyed it more than the Dark Knight.

19 – The Imitation game – Being a bit of a fan of Alan Turing I really wanted to watch this film and it did not disappoint.  A great film.

20 – American Hustle – An okay film

21 – August Osage County – If you ever feel that you have a disfunctional family, watch this, it will make you feel a whole host better

22 – Grand Budapest Hotel – A great film, highly amusing

23 – Heat – A funny film and one that enhanced my vocabulary (not of the kind that I will be utilising though)

24 – Love Punch – Pierce Brosnan taking the mick out of himself, a few laugh out loud moments

25 – Practical Magic – Easy watching nonsense

26 – Two Week’s Notice – Typical Hugh Grant film, easy watching but non-challenging

27 – Julia & Julie – Meryl Streep at her best?

28 – Slumdog Millionaire – A good but disturbing film

29 – Pitch Perfect 2 – Not quite as good as the first but still a brilliant film

30 – Bridesmaids – Not as good as I was expecting

31 – Pride – A brilliant British film

32 – Bedknobs and Broomsticks – Finally got to watch this (Rachel couldn’t get past the first ten minutes), can understand why it is a classic

33 – Jurassic World – Awful film, complete rip off Jurassic Park

34 – Maleficient – Surprisingly good film

35 – A Beautiful Mind – Despite Russell Crowe I enjoyed this

36 – The Black Cauldron – A bit dark and not a Disney classic but not a bad film

37 – The Pink Panther (Steve Martin version) – Very bad

38 – Get Smart – Funny and mildly silly

39 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp) – Disappointing despite having Johnny Depp in it, the only redeeming feature was the endearingness of the boy who played Charlie

40 – Esio Trot – Very enjoyable

4 comments on “No 39 – Watch 40 films I have not seen
  1. Bridget says:

    Hmm let me think, I am a mega film fan, plus one of Rob’s friends – that’s how I got typing here.

    Great Films I hope you have seen, which I wouldn’t a consider a waste of anyone’s time.
    My Top Three Films
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    The English Patient
    Point Break
    Almost Famous
    On the Waterfront
    African Queen
    It’s Complicated

    There are a few, I hope they help. It sounds like you are going to be VERY busy. But enjoy your good food with a great film.

  2. Heather Deeley says:

    Thoroughly recommend Kingsman: Secret Service – thought it was going to be dull but when cooped up on an aircraft, any film will do. Definitely one of my favourites and extremely funny – James Bond crossed with Johnny English.

  3. Heather Deeley says:

    Also….Shawshank Redemption, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. All an absolute must.

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