No 6 – Learn to swim properly and then do a 1km swim / earn a swimming badge

I have started swimming and have reached the 500m mark, I don’t think I can say that I can’t swim anymore!

I used  to swim a little bit when I was a kid but not properly and not since I was about 11 when I was put off by a fairly unpleasant PE teacher and developed a bit of a fear of it.  As an adult when we took the children to a pool, I discovered that I still had that fear and couldn’t remember how to swim at all.  Learning how to swim and getting good enough to swim 1km and earn a badge for it is going to stetch my abilities.


This is the picture of a hand that has just pulled me through 1km in the water, yes I only went and did it!  I had got to the stage where I really wasn’t sure I could but thanks to the coaching from Emily, Holly and Sue I managed it.  As much as I have not really enjoyed it I intend to keep swimming.

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