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Five weeks to go – gulp

So only five weeks left.  I still have quite a lot to do but it will get done. Since my last post I have completed quite a few challenges some of the highlights (wel for other people anyway) include: Having

Just over two months to go

Just over two months to go and I am slightly panicking about all that I have left to do.  However since the last post I have managed to do quite a lot, some of which has been more than slightly

Dress week

Day 3 of dress week, the final installment. So for the final day of a torturous week my outfit consisted of a pair of black shoes with heels aboout five times the size of what I normally wear.  They were

Half way through

Six months have passed so it is time to take stock of the challenges. Ten challenges completed and fourteen underway. Time for a bit more planning and doing, me thinks. Thank you to everyone for your support in my endeavours. 

Week 21

Quite a bit done in the last couple of weeks.  Please see individual challenge pages for updates but the highlights are finishing challenge 2 with my highest ever stoolball score of 17 runs and my fashion report on Katherine Jenkins’

Four months in

So, what have I achieved in the first four months? I have completed six challenges with highlights being seeing Katherine Jenkins singing and having my photo with Jason Donovan. I am underway with 15 others. Thanks to people’s kind generosity

Jason Donovan

Challenge number 33 is to have my photo taken with as many celebs as possible.  I was very keen to try and have a photo taken with Jason Donovan.  Not only was he an icon from my youth, he was

Week 10

A few weeks since my last post and I have got a bit further with my challenges.  I have started swiming (I am not enjoying it yet but I am slowly getting better) and I have started singing lessons, I

Week 5

Another busy week on the challenges front.  I have started being a guinea pig for Bethany for challenge 15, and I have been to mass in some more churches (challenge 21). I saw Suggs in a car (I didn’t fancy

Weeks three and four

A really busy two weeks More food cooked, see challenge No 11 for details Mass in a number of different places for challenge No 21 Started eating different varieties of cookies, challenge No 16 Watched some more films for challenge