Jason Donovan

Challenge number 33 is to have my photo taken with as many celebs as possible.  I was very keen to try and have a photo taken with Jason Donovan.  Not only was he an icon from my youth, he was also a favourite of Rachel’s.  He was her favourite in the series of Strictly that Rachel was able to go and see a dress rehearsal and made a point of speaking to her, once he knew that she liked him, getting down to her eye level and calling her princess and was just a genuinely nice guy.

Then in the period that Rachel was in Chestnut Tree House, just before she died, my Mum emailed his agent on the off chance that he might come and see her.  A reply came back apologising that he couldn’t as he was in rehearsals but would it be okay if he phoned her instead.  And so he phoned her, she immediately recognised his voice and lit up and he spent about ten to fifteen mintues talking to Rachel.  He was interested in her, making sure that she was being well looked after, asking about what music she liked and talking about Strictly.  A true gentleman.

So today, when we went to see The King’s Speech at Chichester Festival Theatre, we went and hung out by the stage door and I got the photo, with a true legend!

DSC04646 compressed

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