Two weeks in

So two weeks in and I have started working my way through my challenges.  Things got off to a start with balloons from my colleagues at work.


I have played stoolball and badminton for 2 of the sports in challenge No 1, including scoring 11 runs in stoolball towards the 40 in challenge No 2.  As one of the dishes for challenge No 11, I cooked chicken braised with olives and lemon, roasted leeks with a shallot dressing, balsamic glazed roasted beetroot and polenta.


On the 1st November I cooked dinner for some of my old Rangers and their family for challenge No 13.  Yesterday I completed challenge No 18 by giving a presentation at work about Sussex Snowdrop Trust and Chestnut Tree House.  I will upload some clips from it in the next week or so.

For challenge No 21, I have been to mass in three churches and for challenge No 32 I have worn five different items of pink clothing.  For challenge No 39 I have watched The King’s Speech and The Muppets Most Wanted.

Please see the individual challenge pages for more details and photos.

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