Week 5

Another busy week on the challenges front.  I have started being a guinea pig for Bethany for challenge 15, and I have been to mass in some more churches (challenge 21).

I saw Suggs in a car (I didn’t fancy throwing myself in front of it for a photo) and Jenny Agutter in a theatre, but not close enough to have a photo.  Philip Schofiled was on a 24 hour tvathon on live tv so he couldn’t oblige.  I missed the opportunity of having my photo with Stereo Kicks (apparently some band of X factor but I was clueless as to who they where) and I wimped out of asking Kenny Logan when we were in a lift with him in Covent Garden Station.  Might need to work on having the nerve to ask people to pose for a photo!

I had a great time in London with John doing the Monopoly challenge (number 23), trying a nother sport for challenge 1 and seeing Katherine Jenkins in concert as the challenge of doing something that Rebecca or Rachel would have wanted to do (number 20).  Apparently my description of the dresses Katherine wore has led people to think I have missed my vocation as a fashion journalist!

I have watched some more films, see challenge 39 for my reviews, and have been cooking again, challenges 11 and 13.

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